CCP Faces Deadly Threat

With the series of US sanctions being imposed against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), Communist China is facing a great threat: the countrywide network might stop working, all communications might be cut off, chips will run out, and everything from industry, trains and planes will no longer be available, and hospitals and medical systems will not function properly ……

The new technology will no longer need to use the so-called transit stations or medium base stations on the land. With this new way of communication in space, will Communist China’s network firewall still exist?

The CCP will impose cell phone control, strict border control on the people, and not allow the use of overseas cell phones. However, all restrictions will prove to be useless.

For decades, the CCP’s stupidity of “fighting with the sky, the earth, and the people” and ” the joy of fighting with others is endless” will destroy itself and eventually terminate itself.

The US’s decoupling and sanctions on the CCP’s technology and other fields will bring Communist China decades back. It will cripple all new forms of transportation, and even cut off water, internet, and electricity. It is to trap the CCP internally, let it fight desperately like a cornered wild beast, and finally collapse on its own.

Of course, all this is also a great calamity for the Chinese people, and the CCP will be even crazier before its demise. It may go to desperate measures, or even try to use nuclear weapons, which will bring even more harm to the people. I hope the CCP will break and crash soon and not take too many innocent people with it. I hope more people will wake up and join the ranks of exterminating the CCP!

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