U.S. and EU Mull over Further Sanctions to Prevent CCP’s Invasion of Taiwan

The US is considering a sanction package against Communist China to deter it from invading Taiwan, while the EU plans to take similar actions due to diplomatic pressure from Taipei.

 As military tensions escalate across the Taiwan Strait, there are growing concerns about CCP’s aggression against the island in Washington and Brussels. The US and EU are preparing their respective sanctioning packages focusing on further measures beyond those already taken by the West to restrict the trade and investment with Communist China in sensitive technologies such as computer chips and telecommunications equipment.

 Some sources reveal the White House hopes to reach a consensus with other countries and coordinate between Europe and Asia, focusing on restricting Beijing’s access to certain core technologies required to sustain military operations against Taiwan.

 Recently, senior Taiwanese officials have enhanced their calls for Europe to initiate sanctions on Communist China, including possible diplomatic and military actions taken by Europe when CCP’s troops launch an attack against Taiwan. Without disclosing details, Taiwan’s Foreign Ministry said it has discussed CCP’s latest military drill and the severe challenges Beijing poses to Taipei and Indo-Pacific region with the US, Europe, and other like-minded partners.

 Analysts believe that sanctions against Communist China, the world’s second-largest economy and the biggest link in the global supply chain, are clearly much more complex than those against Russia. Both the US and the EU are facing high pressure, but related feasible plans are being advanced at present.

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