Gettr Will Always be Respected

In the Grand Live Broadcast on September 13th, Miles Guo stated that the traditional media’s collusion with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has made them unable to avoid their eventual shutdown. They will be replaced by Gettr. Further, Gettr will change the profit model of all social media platforms, and become the greatest winner after the CCP has been taken down.

 Traditional social media, such as Facebook, will be doomed and deserve to be shut down due to its operating costs, and its role as an accomplice in the vaccine disaster. Twitter admitted to having to collude with the CCP in court today, thus confirming Miles Guo’s whistleblowing in 2018.

 Twitter will eventually push itself into the abyss since it helps the CCP restrict the voice of the Whistleblower Movement and allows the CCP to arrest fellow followers of the Movement based on data from Twitter.

 As an emerging social platform, Gettr is free of past crimes and operates with Tang Ping Coin. With constant updates and improvements, Gettr will make Tang Ping Coin into money by using and attracting investments from advertisers, in turn, it increases the value of the Tang Ping Coin. Therefore, Gettr will always be respected by others.

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