Xi Jinping’s Visit Will Impact the value of the CNY and Disrupt Global Stock Markets

On September 13th, Miles Guo stated during a Grand live broadcast that throughout human history, the biggest spenders in underground casinos have been the visitors who have the greatest impact on the fate of entire countries and humanity. Such illegal gambling has historically had a greater impact than bullfighting and legitimate casino gambling.

The political and economic acumen of a nation’s leaders’ travels can have a direct impact on the instability of global finance. The price of CNY exchange rate is the initial source of unrest. Although the fake data will prevent the stock markets in Hong Kong and Shanghai from moving, there will be significant turmoil in the financial markets in Europe and America.

The last conflict between Russia, Ukraine, and the Western powers is represented by Xi Jinping’s visit. This time, it will unquestionably hasten Russia’s collapse and the demise of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Currently, Europe is dealing with an energy crisis, a broken supply chain, inflation, a decline in the euro and pound, and at least 200 banks in Switzerland and other nations that are about to fail. The dollar will decline at this time, and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum will increase sharply. The final winner will be HCoin, and the upheaval will be V-shaped, like a roller coaster effect.
Germany is the worst nation, as it depends on Russia for 75% of its energy, according to Merkel’s plan to go east. Europe as a whole will ultimately be fine, but Germany will face significant difficulties.

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