Whistleblower Says At Least One CCP Agent Worked at Twitter

According to a report on September 13th, the Former Twitter security chief Peiter Zatko said at a Senate hearing on Tuesday that the FBI had warned Twitter on the company’s employment of a Chinese Communist Party (CCP) agent from the intelligence service, who was working inside and receiving salary.

Before the hearing, Zatko was known by his hacker name “Mudge,” he pointed out that Twitter had knowingly allowed an agent of the Indian Government to work inside the company and gain access to user data .

According to Zatko’s complaint to U.S. authorities in July, the United State Government provided Twitter with specific information that at least one company’s employee, and possibly more, might be working for a foreign intelligence agency, but it did not specify which countries the agents were allegedly working for.

Zatko said he informed an executive of the threat and was responded with “What does it matter if we have more (foreign agents)?”

The former security chief said that while it was disturbing to hear the news, he and many others have recognized the state of Twitter’s environment.

The whistleblower’s complaint is also related to Twitter’s ongoing legal battle with Elon Musk, the report said. The social media company is trying to get the billionaire to honour his agreement to buy the company for $44 billion as Musk tried to back out of the deal in July.

The Twitter whistleblower’s 84-page complaint was first publicly reported last month. In his complaint, Zatko accused the company of “lying” to Elon Musk about spam accounts on its website and possibly having poor security practices in violation of a previous Federal Trade Commission settlement agreement.

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