The CCP’s Most Powerful Department is Out of Money

Miles Guo said in a live broadcast on September 12th, that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is now actively responding to Xi Jinping’s call for Wang Qishan’s anti-corruption campaign across the country and is burning, killing, looting, plundering, and extorting money in the name of anti-corruption in various cities across the country.

On September 11th, a fellow fighter from Guangdong reported his factory was suddenly rushed by dozens of police officers, saying they wanted to check if there were anyone who didn’t have the vaccination. After half a day of checking, all the people in the factory had vaccine certificates. The police said to the boss: “I can deny you these vaccine certificates, saying that you are not vaccinated. If you get 20,000 yuan for us brothers, we close this matter.” Finally, the boss gave 20,000 yuan to them.

Such things happen often in Guangdong, near the fellow fighter’s factory. It can be seen that the coastal Guangdong economy is poor to such extent, that the police have begun to openly rob.

In addition, domestic banks are beginning to limit people to withdraw money. It is difficult to withdraw large sums of money, and even more difficult to send money abroad. Last month, the amount of foreign capital outflow from China hit a record high. The People’s Bank of China has issued an urgent inside document asking major banks to strictly control foreign exchange loss. Now Sichuan and many other places are strictly restricting foreign capital from leaving. If foreign investors want to leave, they can leave themselves while leaving the money behind.

Many state institutions and units cannot pay for salaries anymore, and people are told to find their own way within six months. Even the most powerful department in the system, the Political and Legal Affairs Commission which the Ministry of Finance must secure, are to cut expenses and financial subsidies.

It seems that the CCP has reverted back to its old business standards by burning, killing, looting, and plundering.

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