Iran To Become a Member State of the SCO

Iran signed a memorandum of commitment to join the Shanghai Cooperation Organization on September 11th, local time (SCO). Communist China, Russia, India, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan are the current members of the SCO.

According to reports, Xi Jinping will go to Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan from September 14th to 16th to attend the SCO summit in Samarkand, where Iran, Belarus, and Mongolia will participate as observer members. According to one source, Iran, a key ally and collaborator of the terrible CCP government, played a critical role in limiting the US in the Middle East.

Tehran’s SCO membership and participation in the summit help the CCP confront the US dollar. By substituting the SCO for the UN, Beijing aimed to construct a new international order of the axis of evil and shatter the US Dollar’s dominance by expanding the internationalization of the RMB. The Chinese Communist Party is at the heart of the axis of evil, posing significant risks to the United States and European countries, leaving Western countries with little alternative but to grow increasingly united in their efforts to bring down the CCP.

Miles Guo stated in the September 13th Gettr video that the SCO’s goal was to destroy the US and the West and replace the UN at the expense of ordinary Chinese people’s blood, life, and family’s future.

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