EU MPs Question the Inside Story of CCP Virus Vaccine

Righteous people from all over the world are speaking out bravely and questioning the decision-making authorities who forcibly issue orders without regard to the health and safety of the people, about the inside story of the CCP virus vaccine.

The truth about COVID vaccines is gradually emerging. The corrupt EU reportedly has allowed Moderna, Pfizer, and other big pharmaceutical companies to trample democracy at will, leaving truly elected MPs completely excluded from the EU’s secret deal with the CCP virus vaccine maker, and only a few top-level officials are involved in planning and executing at scale.

This sparked anger and criticism from many lawmakers, including Romanian MP Cristian Terhe. He accused the EU authorities of imposing substandard medical products on the EU population, and the behind-the-scenes transactions were completely covered up. The human rights, the right to information, and the right to health of EU citizens have been seriously violated.

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