Differences Between Governing Party Dissension in the Communist China and the United States

During the Grand Live Broadcast on September 11th, Miles Guo emphasized once again that the Whistleblower Movement will not participate in the partisan conflicts in the United States. He also provided a detailed analysis of the differences between the two-party system in American politics and the conflict within the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Miles stated that the conflicts between Democrats and Republicans are fierce and extremely complex, greatly outweighing the conflicts between the Whistleblower Movement and the CCP or between the CCP and the opposing sides in various challenges brought by the CCP. However, when it comes to protect the present and long-term interests of the United States, both parties are absolutely unified. But in Communist China, 1.4 billion Chinese people are governed by a single political party. To be exact, that is only by a few powerful families, however, these families don’t share any common interest. In fact, they constantly fight with one another and lost all bottom lines during fights. At one point, there are no legal, ethical and moral standards. These families and their running dogs have no faith and no longer feel secured.

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