Seven Most Unexpected Adverse Reactions of the CCP Virus Vaccination

On September 9th, it was reported that in the past two years, there have been thousands of cases and research involving the terrible side effects and health damage caused by the CCP virus (COVID) vaccine directly or indirectly, including blood clots, myocarditis, pericarditis, heart attacks, strokes and sudden adult death syndrome.

 Unfortunately, there is much more damage is occurring. Here are seven of the most unexpected adverse effects and very serious health consequences associated with the toxic spike protein vaccine.

 First, shingles are reactivated. Several case reports and studies have shown that shingles flare-ups and outbreaks occurred shortly after the CCP virus vaccination.

 Second, Sciatica. The body’s sensory nerves are responsible for transmitting information about pain, pressure and sensation. Spike proteins block the flow of blood and neurons to critical areas, as well as hurt the nerve myelin sheath, resulting in weakness and sometimes paralysis.

 Third, restless legs syndrome. Experimental studies since 2021 have shown that nearly 7% of people who received the CCP virus vaccine suffer from this disease. Fourth, loss of motor skills and severe nerve damage. The body’s motor nerves send messages of muscle movement, but spike proteins cause inflammation of the brain and nerves, with irreversible damage to the nerves.

 Fifth, catching the CCP Virus multiple times after the shots. Studies showed that people who received three doses are more likely to be infected, and three to five times more likely than those who did not receive the vaccine. This was found evident in all age groups, not just among the elderly or immunocompromised.

 Sixth, permanent blindness and/or deafness. Blood clots and inflammation caused by the vaccines can bring devastating damage anywhere in the body. When it occurs in the microvasculature of the eyes and ears, it can lead to diminished vision and hearing, or complete blindness and hearing loss.

 Seventh, autopsies on fully vaccinated individuals revealed long fibrous clots that differ from common blood clots. The heavy metals in the vaccine form nanoparticle clots in the blood, which can be fatal.

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