Xi Jinping Couple Threw 5 Billion Pounds to Ride the Queen’s Golden Carriage

On September 9th, during his live broadcast, Miles Guo told some stories of Queen Elizabeth II. He revealed that Xi Jinping and Peng Liyuan met the Queen in 2015, after they had carefully prepared for over a year.

Xi and Peng required all the toilets they were going to use in the presidential suite of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel to be rebuilt according to their own standards, and the rooms were all covered with protective film to Gaddafi’s standards. Upon check-in, the entire property needs to be completely emptied. Everywhere Xi and Peng walked by, or touched by their hands were covered with protective film.

After arriving in England, they went to the Mandarin Hotel to rest and then moved into Buckingham Palace for a night. Xi and Peng paid a price of 5 billion pounds to ride the queen’s golden carriage. Miles also said that at the time, Wang Huning was so excited the night before seeing the Queen that he could not sleep at night.

All the expenses that Xi Jinping and his entourage used to show off his prestige was paid by the sacrifice of the Chinese people. The CCP dictators grasped the mighty power by stepping on the corpses of their people. Queen Elizabeth II is truly adored by the people because she protected her own people.

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