The US Senate Yet Again Warns Apple About Its Complicit Relationship With The Evil CCP

On September 9th, U.S. Republican lawmakers Marco Rubio and Michael McCaul warned Apple that it would face intense congressional scrutiny if the company used chips from communist China in its new iPhone 14.

It is reported that Apple’s list of suppliers includes Yangtze Memory Technology Corporation from mainland China. When asked about possible investigations, Apple said that iPhones assembled with chips from YMTC are only sold to communist China and that the data stored is entirely encrypted.

In July, lawmakers reportedly called for YMTC to be added to the list of companies infiltrated by the communist regime. In recent months, they have asked Apple a number of questions related to the company, but have yet to receive a response.

Some commentators said that YMTC has extensive ties to the Chinese Communist Party’s military. Apple also violated Export Administration Regulations by selling goods to Huawei. Also, if Apple were to transfer intellectual property to Huawei it would make the company powerful and help the CCP achieve its national goals, as well as pose a significant threat to U.S. national security. Apple’s continuous cooperation with the CCP has been widely criticized for many years.

Miles Guo also broke the news that the United States is currently working on a series of legislation to decouple all forms of technology from the communist regime. The Biden administration is working to block the evil CCP from obtaining cutting-edge technologies.

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