EU Proposal To Ban Products Made by Forced Labor

According to relevant media reports on September 9th, a proposal promoted by the EU lawmakers concerned about human rights in Xinjiang, 27 EU countries would prohibit the use of products made by forced labor.

According to the proposal, the ban would apply to products made with forced labor at any stage of production, manufacture, harvesting, including processing work related to the products; the ban would apply to all types of all products, including their components, in all sectors, origins, sold on the EU market or exported.

The proposal designates the regulations to aim at large economic operators such as importers, manufacturers, producers and product suppliers. The European Commission will announce its proposal next Tuesday and would need to discuss the details with lawmakers and each EU country before it goes into law.

The US enacted the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act just last year, which aims to avoid products produced or made in Xinjiang in a condition that violates human rights in the US market.

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