Residents Feel Helpless with Food Shortage during City Lockdown in Guiyang

Recently, the Guiyang municipal government put the city into lockdown for several days under the guise of the spread of the pandemic, resulting in a serious shortage of living materials for the residents, almost out of food.

 According to a report on September 4th, the authorities of Guiyang City claimed that the pandemic was spreading rapidly and would impose a lockdown on some areas of the city for a tentative 4 days. During the period, all residents stay home and are not allowed to go out to purchase groceries, and all supermarkets must be closed. In fact, some urban areas have been locked down before the authorities announced the travel restrictions, and a large number of citizens have run out of food and have sought help through various channels. Some citizens said that they had been hungry for two days, and the so-called 10 official online shopping platforms did not deliver, and all orders placed were refunded. Most residents had to call for help from property management, the street community, the police, etc., but there was no response. Some internet users even disclosed that an elderly person who was trapped at home hanged himself because he couldn’t shop online and could not bear to starve.

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