Netizens Ridicule CCP-run Media’s Editorial Flattering Xi

According to Taiwan media’s reports on September 5th, Fu Hua (傅华), head of the Xinhua News Agency, accidentally revealed Communist China’s economic downturn in an article he wrote to fawn upon Xi Jinping.

 Not only netizens scoffed at the article, calling it “a reenactment of the Cultural Revolution”, but also the public widely ridiculed it. With absurd language popular during the Cultural Revolution period, the article stresses that the Xinhua News Agency, a CCP-owned media outlet, must achieve three one-minute goals: Not a minute can leave the party’s ranks; Not a minute can deviate from the direction guided by Xi Jinping; and never go beyond the vision of Xi and the Party Central Committee for a minute.

 Additionally, the article confirms that the country has suffered a double blow this year due to the economic downturn and the impact of the pandemic. Netizens mocked Fu Hua’s flattery article as three-minute allegiance to Xi. Some netizens took this opportunity to satirize the zero-COVID policy of the CCP, saying “Don’t leave your neighborhood communities for a minute, and don’t go abroad for a minute.” Some netizens said such disgusting touting has regressed Communist China into “West Korea” and becomes a fellow brother of North Korea.

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