Communist China And Russia Working Together To Damage US And European Economies Through Energy

In the Grand Live Broadcast on September 7, Miles Guo said that Russia and China have been working together to undermine the world economy via bypassing the SWIFT system in their energy trade. 

 After launching the war of aggression against Ukraine, Russia succeeded in only two things, namely weaponizing energy and using it as a threat. The most prominent thing is that Russia’s energy revenue far exceeds that before the war. Russia can kidnap the entire Europe through energy, especially those countries with heavy industry as the backbone of the economy.The CCP and Iran also play key roles in it.

 On the 7th, on the day of the Live Broadcast and on the eve of Xi’s visit to Kazakhstan for the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit, Gazprom announced that the CCP would switch to paying for Russian natural gas in RMB and rubles. As Miles said in the Live Broadcast at the end of August, the CCP and Russia will definitely use the energy as a stepping stone to unite the SCO, the countries along with the Belt and Road countries, and the BRICS to achieve RMB internationalization. Such a move aims to hit the economic structure of the United States and other Western countries.

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