A Japanese Influencer Shared His Tragic Experience With CCP Virus Vaccine

On September 3rd, a Japanese We Media personality shared his experiences on social media platforms during the vaccine disaster. He extrapolated the idea that the CCP virus vaccine subverts what has been common knowledge among humans up to this point. 

 In his live broadcast, he reviewed the general story of how his mother’s health took a sharp turn for the worse within three days of being vaccinated and eventually died. Many doctors in Japan did not want to hear families mention the fact that their loved ones’ deaths were linked to toxic vaccines. He also cited instances where he and his non-vaccinated friends developed fevers, back pains and even confirmed infections simply because they were working with colleagues who had received their third or fourth doses of vaccine.

 He concludes that when vaccine spike proteins drop from a vaccinated person, those who have received the vaccine actually need to wear masks, not the other way around. When everyone removes their masks, people who have received multiple shots are likely to cause a new outbreak.

 To keep his video online and free from censorship, he has to repeatedly state that this is a personal “delusion” and “fiction” at the beginning. Observers pointed out that the very act of his beginning narration means that the truth about the CCP virus vaccine is currently buried and even turned upside down.

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