U.S. Agents Looking for Properties Linked to Russian Oligarch

It was reported that U.S. federal agents simultaneously searched properties in Manhattan, the posh Hamptons coastal community, and the exclusive Miami Island on September 1st that linked to the Russian oligarch, a billionaire whose $120 million yacht was frozen in April this year.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) confirmed Thursday that searches were conducted in Park Avenue in Southampton, New York, and in the Miami enclave of Fisher Island, which FBI spokesman Jaime Marshall described as “court-order law enforcement activity.” He didn’t provide further details, and dozens of investigators allegedly removed several boxes from the Park Avenue property.

The FBI and Homeland Security agents searched property linked to the billionaire Viktor Vekselberg, who is close to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Currently, there wasn’t any response from Vekselberg’s attorney.

The federal task has been to find the money trail linked to Russian oligarchs who fueled Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

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