Shapingba Area of Chongqing Started Protesting the Lockdowns

In the past three years, manufactured disasters and plagues have ravaged China. Lockdowns in Wuhan, Xi’an, and Shanghai have made people’s lives miserable.

The lockdown of the Shapingba District of Chongqing began in mid-August. Several District neighborhoods are locked down and stretched for over ten days. Working people complained bitterly and could not work, so no wages were paid. But they have to pay for their food, rent, and loan without a job. Most of the resident’s survival for daily needs have been threatened, and life became challenging.

The large and small areas of Yerba Buena on Gaojiu Road were closed for over ten days. The shutdown started taking a toll on residents’ mental health, who finally rushed the barriers that kept them in confinement. The police and militia quickly arrived to enforce the lockdown and ensure that the rules were not broken.

Two days earlier, residents of the Qiushui Changtian Community rushed the Binjiang Road barriers, and again, police and militia moved into the area to enforce the shutdown. On August 27, the residents of the Lianfang Community on Gaojiu Road rushed the barriers aggressively, but this time, they could not prevent people from breaking the restrictions due to their large numbers. At last, the Sand District Government announced the removal of the travel restrictions.

A similar incident happened in Xinqiao street in the Fengmingshan community in Vanke Golden Joy City. Residents rushed to the confinement barriers, and the local government had to remove the barriers instantly.

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