mRNA-induced Spike Proteins Found in Skin Lesions A Few Months after Vaccination

Newstarget reported on September 2nd, that Japanese doctors tested skin lesions and discovered that spike proteins were still present many months after the patient received CCP virus vaccines.

Japanese doctors have reported that messenger RNA (mRNA) induced spike proteins from CCP coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” do persist in the human body for at least several months after injection. Contradicting many governments and media claims that vaccine spike proteins dissipate almost immediately after injection, the discovery Japanese doctors made on a 64-year-old patient who developed persistent and painful skin lesions just days after receiving the mRNA shot.

Analysis has discovered that what the patient had developed is the varicella-zoster virus, which causes chickenpox. In the following days, doctors decided to test the skin lesions for evidence of spike proteins. Test reports showed that spike proteins were still present many months after the patient was shot.

In addition, spike proteins were also found in the endothelial cells of venules in the subcutaneous fat tissue underlying the herpetic vasculitis lesion.

Alex Berenson, a reporter, wrote that the chemical modifications made by both Pfizer and Moderna with their mRNA mystery shots appear to induce the constant production of spike proteins. He says the two drug companies “may have produced a zombie vaccine that will not die.”

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