Japanese Researcher Found CCP Virus Vaccine Spike Protein in Skin Lesions

On September 2, according to a media report, that after conducting research on a sample of a 64-year-old man, the Japanese doctors have confirmed that mRNA-induced spike protein from CCP virus vaccine persist in the human body for at least several months post-injection, which contradicts the previous claims from government and mainstream media that the spike protein almost immediately dissipate.

According to the doctors, the patient developed skin lesions almost immediately after receiving the mRNA CCP virus vaccination; the patient developed the varicella-zoster virus which caused severe chickenpox. After certain treatment, the patient is gradually recovering, but the doctors suspected that the disease was caused by the spike protein from the CCP virus vaccination.

Then the doctors decided to do further test on the skin lesions, which later confirmed their suspicions. During the test they found spike protein in endothelial cells of venules in the subcutaneous fat tissue underlying the herpetic vasculitis lesion, and the spike protein maintain its presence even months after the patients were vaccinated with the CCP virus vaccine.

Analysts believe that pharmaceutical companies have created immortal zombie vaccines that induce the human body to continuously produce the spike protein on its own.

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