With Whistleblower Movement Everything in Communist China Will Be Rewritten

On August 31, Miles Guo gave a detailed explanation of the Whistleblower Movement and the future of New Federal State of China in response to the questions of American friends in a live broadcast.

 Some American friends do not fully agree with Miles’s desire to initiate a Whistleblower Movement and overthrow the evil CCP. They believe that the United States has also imposed severe sanctions on the equally evil countries of North Korea, Venezuela, Iran, and other countries, but these countries still exist. The CCP seems to be more capable than them, so even if the U.S. strengthens sanctions, the CCP will not easily perish.

 In this regard, Miles believes that the situation in Communist China is different from the above-mentioned countries. With Miles and his leadership of the Whistleblower Movement, to expose the evil nature of the CCP and its various possible actions to the world, everything will be different.

 The United States and Great Britain, as representatives of the West, have created excellent financial and social systems based on their strong economic and military strength, thus they have gone towards sustained prosperity and strength. Communist China has lacked such a good system since the Ming and Qing dynasties. The CCP has implemented a dictatorship system that relies on oppressing the people in the country to survive. The maintenance of the dictatorship requires a strong military force, which in turn needs a strong economic backing. Over the past three decades, the CCP has relied on deception, stealing, and corruption in Western societies to gain such strength.

 In the future, as the CCP’s actions are increasingly harmful to the world and provoking global confrontation, they will no longer be able to sustain. Although they will launch a global financial war and a war in the Taiwan Strait, etc. to try to resist desperately, but without changing the fundamental system, they will inevitably quickly perish.

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