Two Scenarios Could Lead to the Rapid Fall of the Chinese Communist Party

Miles Guo spoke on the August 31st grand broadcast about the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s threat to the U.S. economy, finance, and justice system, which has led to a series of U.S. sanctions against it. However, these will not bring down the CCP in the short term, but instead in a long process.

 There are two scenarios that will accelerate the downfall of the CCP. First, if the CCP starts a war in the Taiwan Strait, it will immediately perish. Second, with CCP’s further involvement in the war between Russia and Ukraine, if Putin’s health declines or Russia experiences political instability, it will lead to internal unrest within the CCP. If at the same time, the Hong Kong dollar and the Hong Kong stock market plunge uncontrollably, coupled with severe natural disasters in China, which will lead to famine, the CCP will fall apart in 2023.

 Miles Guo concluded by saying that historical experience has shown that famine, war, political turmoil, and the death of a dictator could contribute to the complete collapse of a regime.

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