Russian Senior Oil Official Dies After A Fall From Hospital Window

According to media reports on September 1st, Ravil Maganov, the chairman of Russia’s second-largest oil giant Lukoil, fell to death from a hospital window in Moscow on Thursday. Several Russian oligarchs have died unexpectedly since the Russia-Ukraine war, and Maganov’s death adds to yet another mystery.

 Maganov, 67, who had worked for Lukoil since 1993, received the Order of Alexander Nevsky from Putin on November 21st, 2019, and became chairman in 2020. Unlike other Russian companies, Lukoil openly opposes Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine. In a statement on March 3rd, the company’s board of directors expressed concern and sympathy over the tragic events in Ukraine, calling for a fast resolution of the military conflict through negotiations.

 Reports also revealed that, in the last few months, at least 6 other Russian billionaires have suddenly died under murky circumstances, most of whom have ties with the energy sector.

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