Xi Jinping’s Re-election Is Beyond Doubt as None of Zeng Wang Jiang Meng Dares to Oppose

In the Grand Live Broadcast on August 31, Mr. Miles Guo mentioned that Zeng Wang Jiang Meng and others would love to eliminate Xi and that they could definitely do it with their strength, but they don’t have the courage to do so.

 Mr. Miles Guo mentioned that several of the cases Xi is currently investigating are related to the Ministry of Finance, People’s Bank of China, China Development Bank, and technology and communications categories. These areas are all related to the interests of Wang Qishan, the Zeng family, and the Jiang family.

 Mr. Miles Guo said that Dai Yongge, an agent of Zeng, ventured back to Hong Kong some time ago, and he soon escaped again under cover of Wang and Meng due to the arrest of the Chinese Communist Party. Dai Yongge, as the most powerful agent of Zeng, could never return to the Communist country.

 Mr. Guo pointed out that there were only two ways in front of Dai Yongge, either Zeng was eliminated by Xi, and he was eliminated along with him, or Zeng, Wang, and Meng united to eliminate Xi. But unfortunately, neither Zeng nor Wang dared to destroy Xi.

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