Taiwan Warns CCP About Drones: Fly Away Or Shoot Down

Taiwan’s military issued a warning on Monday, asking the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to fly its drones away or Taipei will respond directly by shooting them down. This is the first time the Taiwanese military has given such a stern warning.

In response to Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan and two other groups of senior U.S. lawmakers, the CCP has sent at least 20 drone sorties into Taiwan’s airspace in a month.

The U.S. Department of Defense spokesman, John Kirby, criticized the CCP’s attempt to establish a new normal by using warships and military aircraft to cross the unofficial center line of the Taiwan Strait. Communist China’s actions have increased regional tensions, and the United States will not accept it and will continue to assist Taiwan in self-defense in the future following the law.

Two U.S. Navy warships passed through international waters in the Taiwan Strait for the first time on Sunday, as Communist China and the United States traded blows on the Taiwan Strait. The White House spokeswoman, Karine Jean-Pierre, said the U.S. would respond to the CCP’s destabilizing provocations with deployments and exercises in the coming days and even months. The US stresses that the move was not about U.S.-China relations, but about peace and stability in Taiwan and the region.

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