Do not Judge Right and Wrong Based on Personal Standards

In the grand live broadcast on August 31st, Miles Guo said that naivety, selfishness and cowardice are the poisons that the Chinese Communist Party(CCP) has installed in the Chinese people. Among them, naivety leads to self-righteousness, which manifests itself as neither properly educated nor self-disciplined, keeping people away from the core of culture and manners. It eliminates the possibility for people to respect others choices or accept diversity, and determine right and wrong by one’s own standards.

Miles reminds his fellow fighters that sometimes a word of gossip can be a mountain that can never be overcome for others and can become an irredeemable sin for oneself. Those who gossip about others are always the cause of the matter. So gossip never stops with the wise, but only with bloodshed and disaster. The more cultivated a person is, the less likely he or she is to judge good and evil, and to gossip. Only by not judging people or things based on personal assumptions, by respecting others and the truth, can we gradually remove the legacy of CCP’s brainwashing.

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