A district of Dalian was put into lockdown without prior notice and inhabitants were left without provisions

Recently, the Pao Yazi district of Communist China’s Dalian City was suddenly put into lockdown resulting in many people facing food shortage and it has also severely inflated the price of vegetables and meat. Dalian’s citizens helplessly indicted that: “No matter how expensive things are, we have no choice but to purchase them.”

In the published video, the door of the building has been sealed with a white colored fence and the road is also blocked. A hapless man said that the epidemic was so terrible that even people from the Public Security Bureau came without knowing that they were going to seal the building and how long it will last. On top of that, people didn’t have time to stock up food provision.

A Weibo lady netizen “Yami _lovely” posted a “quarantine diary” describing: when four people were drinking together, this “anti-epidemic policy” only managed to quarantine two of them, leaving the other two free. This lockdown policy has the feeling of having been incarcerated. So after this lockdown when I am allowed to go out, I have to say grace to the All Mighty for keeping me safe (Chinese saying: to wash one’s body with teak leaves and step across a lighted bowl.). The pandemic prevention staff calls at 11:00 late into the night and again at 5:00 in the morning, they appeared to be more “caring” than one’s boyfriend. We know that the penalty of committing a crime is high, even imprisonment and this lockdown gave us just such an experience.

Another Weibo netizen “Zhan Yi Bu Xiao Han” said: On the day of the 29th, I worked until 3 p.m. in the afternoon. Then I went to the market stalls only to find that there are almost no vegetables left. I can only purchase two potatoes and some broccoli. I can’t imagine that if I was quarantined, what will happen to my cats at home? I was in a daze and was wondering if it is really happening? Am I living in a real world?

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