Swedish PM Announces Further Aid Package to Ukraine

Sweden’s Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson declared on August 29 local time that her country would contribute additional 500 million crowns in military aid to Ukraine to assist Kiev in resisting Moscow’s incursion.

The statement was made during Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Kuleba’s visit to Sweden. Kuleba’s tour also includes a stop in the Czech Republic as part of an endeavor to strengthen international support for Ukraine and intensify sanctions pressure on Russia. PM Andersson told reporters that her government would send Ukraine with a total of 1 billion crowns in additional help, including both military and civilian assistance. 500 million crowns would be dedicated to military purposes as part of the aid package to assist Ukraine in defending itself against Russia.

Andersson highlighted that Ukraine and the EU have a common future, and that Stockholm will offer long-term and unwavering support to Kyiv. Minister Kuleba expressed Ukrainians’ gratitude for Sweden’s assistance and urged Sweden to provide further weaponry aid. Furthermore, he believed that the Andersson government would make it easier for Kyiv to apply for EU membership. It is worth noting that Sweden will preside over the European Council in the first half of 2023.

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