Crises Await The Chinese Within A Thousand Days

During the Grand Live Broadcast on August 28th, Miles Guo interpreted the reasons for the multitude of hardships that the Chinese in Communist China would face after the Taiwan Strait crisis erupts, which will result in the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) being taken down on its own.

First, the CCP’s lack of seeds for any grain crops will trigger the shortage of food in Communist China.

Secondly, Russia’s fiasco in Ukraine will make it impossible to export Russian energy to Communist China.

Thirdly, the “Genocidelabel on Communist China’s products will deter anyone from buying them.

Lastly, as a result of the development of quantum technology, the West will have a substantial technological advantage over Communist China, generating an enormous gap between the two.

Following the Russia-Ukraine war, the dissolution of Russia is a foregone ending. The CCP will be the next to fall, because the influence of Russia’s disintegration will ripple into Communist China and will eventually cause revolt within the CCP system, leading it to self-destruction.

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