CCP Sends Survey Ship to Sri Lankan Ports it Controls

Communist China recently deployed a survey vessel in the Sri Lankan port of Hambantota, Breitbart reported on July 29.

The Chinese scientific research vessel Yuanwang 5 is on its way to the southern Sri Lankan port of Hambantota and is expected to arrive on August 11. It will conduct space tracking, satellite control, and research tracking in the northwestern Indian Ocean region throughout August and September.

India condemned China’s research mission as a possible threat to New Delhi’s “security and economic interests”. New Delhi said it viewed such actions as a direct threat not only to Sri Lanka’s sovereignty but also to that of India.

Beijing’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) allows the Chinese government to fund new infrastructure projects or develop old ones in low-income countries. These projects which are often based on predatory lending structures could push already struggling economies further into debt to Beijing. In 2017, Sri Lanka was forced to sign a waiver of its control of the Hambantota port, ceding the port to Beijing on a 99-year lease after defaulting on debts owed to the Chinese government through Belt and Road Initiative loans.

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