US Deploys Fighter Jets and Warships to Escort Pelos’s Taiwan Visit

On July 28th, senior U.S. officials stated that in order to escort Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, the U.S. military intends to mobilize additional military protection to the Indo-Pacific region, including the use of fighter jets, warships and surveillance platforms. Besides that the USS Ronald Reagan has sailed into the South China Sea, rescue capabilities in the region, including helicopters on ships was deployed.

 The U.S. Defense Secretary had a conversation with Pelosi and assessed security situation. A U.S. general said the U.S. military will take appropriate military precautions to ensure security of Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan. In view of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s increasing provocations, in the call between Biden and Xi Jinping on July 28th, the United States made clarified the position of the CCP.

 Miles Guo noted that the US will offer full military support for Pelosi’s journey to Taiwan, while the CCP has vowed to blockade Taiwan, place mines close to the Taiwan Strait, and conduct military drills. However, the CCP’s military capability in contrast to that of the U.S. is tantamount to a plastic kitchen knife against a precision missile. It is estimated that the Communist dictatorship will kowtow to America in the last minute.

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