Pelosi invited Republicans to join her on an official visit to Taiwan

On July 28th, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi invited other lawmakers to join her on an official visit to Taiwan, including the top-ranking Republican on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, the Washington Times reported.

 Texas Republican Michael McCaul said Mrs. Pelosi invited him and Gregory Meeks, the committee chairman and a New York Democrat Congressman, to accompany her. Mr. McCaul told NBC News he had a personal schedule that would conflict with the visit.

 Mr. McCaul told NBC, “Any member that wants to go, should. It shows political deterrence to President Xi.” McCall also cautioned, “But she should also pay attention to the military if it’s going to cause a blowback and escalate things.”

 A California Democrat named Anna Eshoo added that she had also been invited but was unable to go.

 It was unclear in the news report whether Mr. Meeks would accept the invitation to join them on an official visit to Taiwan.

 The strongest indication that Pelosi intended to visit Taiwan came from Mr. McCaul’s comments.

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