Himalaya Reserve Flourishes When Chinese Communist Party on Its Last Legs

The world is waking up to the atrocities of the Chinese Communist Party and its evil ambition to take over Taiwan and conquer the world.

 Communist China has become the world’s largest agricultural importer, surpassing the European Union and the United States. The country’s continued hoarding is exacerbating Russia-sparked global food crisis.

 Countries now see Sri Lanka’s bankruptcy as a wake-up call to the CCP’s Belt and Road Initiative. Sri Lanka has already handed over a port to CCP-owned companies due to a $1 billion in debt to China in 2017. Djibouti, home to the US military’s main base in Africa, its debt to Communist China has reportedly increased to more than 70 percent of its GDP as of Oct 2021.

 More countries are in danger of falling into CCP’s debt trap through the Belt and Road Initiative as Communist China uses “debt trap diplomacy” to gain control over these countries.

 In addition to the global food crisis and debt trap set by the CCP, Miles Guo, the founder of Whistleblower Movement and the co-founder of the New Federal State of China (NFSC) said in his recent live streaming that Europe, the United States and Japan must face the challenge of China’s rising digital renminbi.

 Unlike other decentralized digital currencies, the digital renminbi is centralized and was created to challenge the domination of the U.S. dollar as the currency of choice in international trade settlements.

 The U.S. Federal Reserve has been studying the risks of the digital renminbi to the U.S., and deciding how to response to it. Miles Guo said that while the U.S. is increasing the scrutiny of the Communist China’s plans for its centralized digital currency, any decision could have an impact on the world of digital currencies, which would only strengthen the Himalaya Reserve’s advantage.

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