Himalaya Japan Co. will be Launched Soon

On July 20th, Japanese digital currency company Bitgate announced that it will change its name to Himalaya Japan Co. and its online name to Himalaya Exchange Japan. The image released by the company shows the logo of Himalaya Exchange. At present, the update is being done by August 1st.

 HCN was investigated and researched by the Japanese Government several times over the past year before finally being launched, and Himalaya Japan plans to acquire more financial institutions in Japan, obtain multiple licenses, and launch the stable coin. Himalaya Japan cooperated to establish a partnership with Japanese banks to launch “Himalaya” and “HCN”, which will be recognized by the Japanese Government as the highest credit and value stable coins and digital currencies. Himalaya Japan aims to be a global leader and will actively participate in various blockchain-related business challenges. The company will also expand its services to make it better for both individual and corporate users.

 It is said that Bitgate is a registered company of Digital Currency Exchange No. 00012 of Kanto Finance Bureau, and the priority is to serve customers. After changing the name of the company to Himalaya Japan Corporation, all employees will face a new outlook and move forward to new business.

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