Decoupling between World Supply Chain and the CCP

Eighteen countries, including the United States, have agreed to withdraw their supply chains from the Communist China.

China is a WTO member, which signed trade agreements and trade preferences with Europe, and trade preferences with the United States and Canada. This is the result of the Communist China’s infiltration into the West after 1989 Tiananmen Massacre, and they successfully penetrated Western countries, and won the opportunity to hold 2008 Olympics.

After CCP was allowed to join the World Trade Organization, and subsequently given various preferences, mainland China became the largest supply chain country and trading country in the world, and the Communist China increased its GDP tenfold from the $1.3 trillion to $15 trillion.

This is the source of funding for Xinjiang’s concentration camps, People’s Liberation Army’s military facilities that are built to control the Chinese people, surveillance and suppression system for the ordinary, and the crackdown of Hong Kong.

Miles Guo has been exposing the CCP as early as 2017, however the West failed to respond and put enough weight on the warning.

On July 23rd, Miles said in a livestream that 18 Western countries have recently decided to remove Communist China from their supply chain. This will be a tragedy for both the Chinese people and the CCP. The world’s major nations are distancing themselves from, and the CCP can only accompany itself with lesser developed third-world countries.

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