Using Subsidies and Incentives, CCP Lures People into the Housing Debt Trap

It was reported on July 27, that as the second half of the housing market opens in 2022, housing support policies continue to advance across Communist China, with many new initiatives emerging.

Dongxihu District Finance Bureau, Wuhan City, published “Monetization Subsidy Plan for Advance Housing Allocations”. Employees of administrative and public institutions are subject to this policy. From the plan issuance day to Dec. 31, 2022, new home buyers in Dongxihu District will get a one-time house purchase subsidy of 150,000 yuan.

The government of Zhangshu City, Jiangxi Province, issued “Several Measures on Promoting the Healthy Cycle and Development of the Housing Market”. The specific provision is that where the agency has filed between July 1 and Dec. 31, 2022, each set of commercial properties sold will be financially rewarded with 1,000 yuan.

Statistics from Beijing China Index Academy show that, so far this year, about 60 cities have released innovative initiatives to stabilize the housing market. Policies like supporting multi-child families, encouraging dependency on the elderly, relexing the purchase restriction with buyer owning leasing house, encouraging group purchase of bulk housing, etc., emerged all over to promote the release of the demand for rigid and improved housing.

The real estate industry is the economic engine of Communist China and must not fall. By offering small incentives or bonuses, the Chinese Communist Party government traps people into large debt that they will have to pay for their whole life and even their children and grandchildren.

The CCP has been doing this all along, tricking the elderly over 60 into vaccine injections with cash incentives. The purpose is to wipe out the elderly population to reduce the government’s financial burden. So, believing in the CCP results in destruction and death.

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