Xi Jinping and Top Chinese Officials Receive COVID-19 Vaccine or Not

According to foreign reports, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) claimed all of its leaders have received the domestically produced CCP-virus (Covid-19) vaccines, and the National Health Commission official Zeng Yixin said that the Communist Party leadership was “very confident” in the vaccines, saying in response to questions about it that it would never cause leukaemia, diabetes or other diseases.

 The Chinese Foreign Ministry had previously refused to disclose the vaccination status of its leader Xi Jinping, in contrast to U.S. President Joe Biden and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who both received vaccines on camera.

 Xi has previously spoken publicly about the purpose of the CCP-virus vaccine as “benefiting people around the world.”

 Although the CCP Party continues to encourage vaccination of the elderly, concerns about potential side effects have deterred many, so vaccination rates among the elderly remain low.

 While official figures show that 90 percent of the Communist China’s population have been fully vaccinated, vaccination rates for those over 80 years old have had a slow take-up. Only 61 percent of people in this age group have been fully vaccinated, a significant difference compared to the vaccination rate of 89 percent in the 60-69 age group and of 87 percent in the 70-79 age group.

 If the vaccines are efficacious, the country has reached a very high level of vaccination that should consider coexisting with the virus and allowing people to return to a normal life. However, the CCP continues its dynamic “zero-covid” policy with endless PCR tests.

 Beijing was the first city to introduce a mandatory vaccination campaign, but it was withdrawn just days after the official announcement.

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