The Importance of the NFSC in the fight against Anti-Asian Racism and Chinese Exclusion Worldwide

In his grand live broadcast on July 24th, Mr. Miles Guo talked about Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s unrestricted legal warfare against him, with the case of the Southern District Court of New York and the Connecticut Bankruptcy Court case as two of the examples. Mr. Guo said, “I have always given my highest respect to the court, to the law, and to every judge in front of me. I have never once told a lie in court.” Unfortunately, it was absurd that he was repeatedly refused of proper treatment. These experiences made Miles Guo realize how CCP has been using its BGY scheme (“Blue: Lies – Gold: Money- Yellow: Seduction” scheme) to infiltrate the U.S. judicial system. At the same time, racial discrimination which Miles Guo was never aware of in the past might have played a role, too.

 It is worth to mention that there have been other cases where racial discrimination might have been a factor. In response, the Whistleblower Movement will invite U.S. human rights lawyers to stand with us in this fight. All the unrestricted legal warfares against Miles Guo and fellow fighters are politically driven and the issue of human rights and race are what’s behind it. To solve such problems, we will need a platform and that is the New Federal State of China (NFSC).

 Miles Guo mentioned a recent reunion with fellow fighters, who were among the earliest participants or initiators of 1989.6.4 movement. After they failed in their quest for the rule of law, they have not seen each ever since. Years later, same people reunited in the NFSC and it felt as if 1989 was a lifetime ago.

 Mr. Guo added, the Chinese people have becoming so short-sighted and eager for quick success that they have no long-term friends in the world. The NFSC is committed to the goal of taking down the Chinese Communist Party and finding the good people. Although we are bound to encounter countless bad people in the process, we shall keep going. Our faith is our foundation. We shall work hard towards our goal, earn the respect from others, learn how to protect ourselves, and not to give any reason for others to discriminate us.

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