CIA Chief: CCP’s Attack On Taiwan Is Just A Matter Of ‘How And When’

William Burns, the US CIA director, has warned against underestimating Xi Jinping’s determination to exercise the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s control over Taiwan.

The director believes that Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine will have an impact on Communist China’s invasion plan in Taiwan. He said the CCP was “disturbed” by the poor performance of the Russian military and Putin’s “strategic failure” in Ukraine.

Burns believes that China may therefore try to learn from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. But it has less of an impact on whether CCP leaders decide to “control Taiwan by force” in a few years’ time, and more on how and when they will do it.

He added that China should have learned its lesson given Russia’s aggression in Ukraine, and knows that to ensure a “quick and decisive victory” in an invasion attempt, “overwhelming force” and measures to guard against economic sanctions are required.

The Taiwanese are now trying to strengthen their defenses, preparing for a possible CCP invasion through urban warfare exercises. Recently, US President Joe Biden has repeatedly stressed that if Taiwan is attacked, he will stand by it’s side and defend democracy.

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