PLA Air Force Project 2706 – Overview, Structure, Location and Capacity

On July 21, the “Military Grand Exposure” live stream series continued, fellow fighters of the Whistleblower Movement exposed another classified Top Secret PLA Air Force Project, codename: 2706.

 Nov 3, 2007, Yang Guohai, chief of staff of the air force, and Zhu Hongda, chief of the air force logistics issued file No. 116, to the PLA Air Force Command and General Staff department, for the application of Project 2706’s construction fee, and submitted the design task plan of the construction of the communication and command control system of Air Force Shanghai Base underground command post.

 The project was a response to the order in file No.433 issued by the General Staff Communication Department in 2007, in accordance with the Air Force anti-” Taiwan Independence” emergency combat preparation task. The purpose of the project was by combing through the operational requirements of the communication and command system of the Shanghai underground command post to build a communication system consisting of optical-electrical transmission, satellite, short-wave communication, program control, human-machine exchange, video conference, communication power supply; the command system construction will include integrated wiring in the command post, display control, and network equipment installation; according to the audit form, Project 2706 was planned to cost 29,930,000 RMB in total.

 Project 2706 is divided into the construction of a receiving station and a transmitting station. The transmitting station is connected to the underground command post, the total 60 km optical cable construction includes the underground command post to Shanghai Air Force Command Post and local telecommunication; it starts at Zaoyang Road, Putuo District, according to the affiliated map for the optical cable connection of Shanghai underground command post, the optical cable construction is across Shanghai’s most populated central city districts, including Minhang, Changning, Jingan, Putuo, and Yangpu districts; its optical cable lines, from west to east, passes through Changfeng Park, Caoyang Park, Wuning, Beiqu, and Zhixin Long Distance Bus Stations, Lu Xun Park, and ends at the PLA Air Force Shanghai Command Post which is located near Tongji University Zhangwu road campus and Songhe Park.

 The optical cable lines consist of multi-route military optical cable and dispatching optical cable to the local telecommunications company, and are able to turn on the optical transmission system in the main tunnel. The system capacity is above 2.5G and has the ability to upgrade to 10G. The construction of the optical cable line is organized, planned, and implemented by the PLA Air Force Command Communication Department. The project’s construction drawing design was planned to be finished in mid-November 2007, the construction to be started in late October 2007, and completed in December 2007.

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