Covid-19 Vaccine Contains Clot Biostructures That Can Collect Conductive Metals From Blood

The News Target network reported on July 22 that Dr. Jane Ruby’s laboratory analyzed the composition of blood clots taken from the in the dead bodies of vaccinated individuals. They compared the elemental composition of blood clots to human blood, and the results were astounding:

The metal content of the vaccinated blood clots was significantly different from that of blood.

For example, in human blood samples, the concentration of magnesium (Mg) is 35ppm, while in blood clots, magnesium is only 1.7ppm.

In human blood, iron (Fe) is measured at 462 ppm, compared to 20.6 ppm in blood clots.

(Note: these are rounded numbers, the actual numbers from the instrument will be published in a PDF file next week)

The content of key elements in blood clots is much lower than that in conventional biological tissues.

Blood clots are extremely low in potassium (K) and calcium (Ca). It is also low in trace elements such as copper (Cu) and zinc (Zn).
The concentration of electrically conductive elements in blood clots is higher.

For example, the concentration of tin (Sn) in blood clots is nearly six times higher than in human blood. (943 ppb vs. 162 ppb). Tin is often used to connect circuits on circuit boards.

Additionally, both aluminum (Al) and sodium (Na) are found in high levels in blood clots. Both are electrically conductive metals.

Self-Assembling “Vaccine” Clot Biostructures Harvest Conductive Metals From Your Blood – Preliminary ICP-MS Analysis Results Released on July 22. 

The findings show that these clots are not blood clots.

They self-assemble in the human body and increase their overall size. But that doesn’t mean they’re “alive”, they don’t appear to be parasites.

They appear to harvest electrically conductive elements from circulating blood and incorporate these elements into their own biological structures, resulting in higher concentrations of these elements (Al, Sn, Na) than in human blood.

Over the years, the lab has analyzed tens of thousands of food samples, including meat-based foods (dog food, cat food) and meat products such as chicken, beef and pork. They also analyzed thousands of human hair samples. However, they have never encountered such a situation.

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