Taiwan is Described as A “Subject of International Law” by The Czech Senate in a Newly-passed Bill

On July 20th (local time), the Czech Senate passed a pro-Taiwan resolution proposed by the Foreign Affairs Committee in which Taiwan was referred to as a “subject of international law”. This is the first time that the Czech government has acknowledged Taiwan in a formal document and has shown its support for Taiwan in this manner.

 The resolution’s proponent, Pavel Fischer, the chairman of the Czech Foreign Affairs Committee, noted in the Senate chamber that Taiwan has its own legislature, government, president, rule of law, judicial system, currency, territory, and traditions. Interacting with legislators from Taiwan who were elected democratically revealed that they share a great deal in common. As Taiwan’s Legislative Speaker Yuan You Si-Kun noted in his speech, both Taiwan and the Czech Republic speak the same language: democracy.

 The Czech Senate passed the resolution put forth by the Foreign Affairs Committee that afternoon after Taiwan’s Legislative Speaker Yuan You Si-Kun delivered a speech on the morning of July 20th. The vote resulted in 54 votes in favor and 4 abstentions. 

 The resolution acknowledged the importance of parliamentary exchanges with Taiwan to advance bilateral relations. It also notes that the direct investment from Taiwan has created 24,000 jobs in the Central European countries and will continue to support cooperation between the two nations in the fields of semiconductors, smart machinery, and culture. 

 Fischer said that even though the Chinese Communist Party opposes it, Taiwan will still be a subject of international law to the Czech. He was greatly encouraged that there was a consensus opinion because there were only a few abstentions in the vote and no opposition.

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