Japanese Delegation Will Visit Taiwan from July 27th

A foreign media reported on July 21st, according to Taiwan’s Foreign Ministry’s announcement, Japanese bipartisan congress delegation will visit Taiwan during July 27th to July 30th. This congress delegation includes members like Shigeru Ishiba, the former secretary-general of Liberal Democratic Party and former defense minister. The group plans to have talks with Taiwan President Tsai Ing-Wen and Vice President Lai Ching-Te, who earlier offered condolences to Abe’s death in Japan. Both parties will exchange opinions on national security issues. 

 Taiwan Foreign Ministry disclosed that the seven members of the delegation are all from Japan National Security Group. Besides Ishiba, former Defense Minister Yasukazu Hamada is also part of the delegation. The group also plans to meet senior officials of the Taiwan Defense Ministry.

 When asked about who will be sent by Taiwan to attend Mr. Abe’s state funeral in Japan, the secretary of the Taiwan-Japan Relations Association revealed at the press conference on July 21st that Foreign Ministry now is coordinating with Japan side.

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