Chinese military set to repeat some of Russia’s invasion mistakes

On July 19th, analysts from the U.S. Defense Department disclosed that the People’s Liberation Arm’s (PLA) logistics capacity has been greatly eroded since the Russia-Ukraine war. China PLA’s public discourse has always been inconsistent with its practical actions.

 The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is now working to ensure its forces can operate efficiently in the invasion to Taiwan. However, many former and current U.S policymakers highly doubt if the CCP could really take over Taiwan. Even if the PLA crosses the Taiwan strait, there is still the question of whether they can successfully fight and win the war on the Island. The deficiencies in the PLA’s logistics have become increasingly obvious. Despite the PLA’s continuous nonstop reform, the management sees very little improvement due to a lack of talented professionals.

 However, this weak capability of the PLA does not affect CCP and Xi Jinping’s determination to invade Taiwan at all. In fact, the ambition is quite the opposite and rapidly growing. The CCP has learned from Russia’s mistake that it must take protracted war tactics rather than the likes of Blitzkrieg.

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