25 years after CCP took over HK, Hongkongers used to form PLA’s flesh defense line

On July 20th, Miles Guo, in his live broadcast, exposed the top secrets leaked from People’s Liberation Army (PLA) insiders, stating that the CCP has been using Hong Kong’s crowded downtown areas and busy waterways to hide over 200 military facilities since Hong Kong’s 1997 Handover. Hongkongers have been used as flesh shield to CCP’s national defense line, and Hongkongers knew nothing about it until today.  

 Miles Guo revealed that hidden between the busies streets in busy commercial areas like HK Central and Kowloon, there are dozens of PLA rocket launch stations secretly installed. Well-known commercial buildings like CCP’s Liaison office building, BoC Building, and Kowloon Centre, all have been used by PLA’s HK Garrison to deploy a large number of military-grade communication systems. Around Hong Kong city, there are over 200 military stations of all kinds secretly deployed in the last 25 years. 

 Miles Guo said in the year 2019 that the CCP has constructed 9 different types of military facilities in Hong Kong. Communication interference stations have been secretly planted at many geographically important locations, including Lantau Island, the waterway towards Macau, south Kowloon, Repulse Bay, Central, North Point, and Sham Shui Po. All equipment fixed in the stations is of military grade. Once a war breaks out between the CCP and the free world, PLA will immediately shut down all communications in the city preventing Hongkongers from coming out to protest. 

 The exact locations of the military-grade communication interference stations will be disclosed at a later time, Miles Guo said in the broadcast. Once the war starts, the US will surely respond with missile attacks toward military objectives in Hong Kong as they are used by the PLA to launch missiles to attack the US and its allies. Shenzhen, a mega city next to Hongkong, has even more military facilities installed over the years: the total number goes over staggering 1000 military infrastructures of all kinds. Office buildings and hospitals are all secretly converted into dual usage hidden with military-grade equipment. Human flesh has been used to form CCP’s national defense line again. All these expose to us once again the inhuman nature of evil CCP.

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