Top Military Secrets Reveal CCP Uses Ordinary Chinese as Human Shield When War Breaks Out

According to the Chinese Communist Party’s top-secret military documents obtained by the New Federal State Of China, it is revealed that as early as 2005, the CCP has begun preparation to undermine world peace, making a series of strategic deployments and military projects in this regard. One of the most noteworthy and important aspects is to use ordinary Chinese people as human shields as their first line of defense when war comes. The CCP deliberately built all military facilities in densely populated major urban areas, especially where schools, nursing homes and hospitals are located.

In response, Miles Guo, the leader of the Chinese Whistleblower Movement and the founder of the NFSC, condemned the CCP’s act in his latest Gettr post, pointing out that throughout the long history of China, even the most brutal Qin Dynasty did not commit such a shameless and cowardly act of pushing the elders, women and children to the front as human shields.

Miles said that as more classified information is released, the world will see that the Chinese Communist Party is truly the most evil organization of all mankind. The CCP, which usurped power by defiling public opinion after World War II, plans to make a devastating attack all over the world while completely disregarding the most fundamental international conventions established after World War II. Tens of thousands of their military facilities across the country were built on a single principle, that is, regardless of how many Chinese people die or get injured, the top priority is to protect and save the lives of the CCP leaders first. This is CCP’s principle and logic. It’s evil has surpassed the bottom line of humanity.

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