Fellow Fighter’s Safety is the Top Priority in New Federal State of China

Miles Guo discussed the background of the recent military exposures of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in the July 20 episode of Miles’ Grand Live Broadcast on Gettr. He also expressed his sincere gratitude to his fellow fighters who risked their lives to provide military intelligence to the Whistleblower Movement as well as those who assisted others in escaping from Communist China.

According to Miles, the New Federal State of China unites all morally upright individuals. The Whistleblower Movement puts a significant priority on protecting its fellow fighters, and it will never put their lives in danger to “take down the CCP.” All of the information shared by other fellow fighters can only be made public with their permission and safety being guaranteed. The WM will always uphold its commitments t fellow fighters who risk their life and treat them as family by offering all the assistance required to those who take action.

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