Sinovac Promotes CCP Virus Tablet After Selling Billions Dosed of CCP Virus Vaccine

The Chinese biopharmaceutical company which manufacture the CCP virus (Covid-19) vaccine has sold 848 million doses deadly vaccine around the world. Young children and elder who took the CCP virus vaccine continue to suffer from various side effects including Leukaemia. While more and more people realized the evil truth of the CCP Virus vaccine, CCP applied all possible measures to continue pushing the vaccination plan, targeting population over 60 years old.

Following by the CCP virus vaccine, Sinovac have developed CCP virus pill to continue its depopulation plan. The CCP virus pill had just been granted clinical trial approval from the CCP authority. It is believed that soon this pill will be listed as one of the national health insurance drugs, promoted by all levels of CCP government to generate billions of profits like the vaccine did.

A well-planned grand scheme plotted by the CCP, including the CCP virus, CCP virus vaccine, and now the Covid pill. All of these have been perfectly staged one after the other, to fool and trap innocent people. In the process, big pharms like Sinovac keep profiting at the cost of the ordinary people who cannot cope with it anymore.

As Miles Guo revealed in the live broadcast, big Pharms including Sinovac that promoted the CCP virus vaccine and profited from it, will eventually pay a heavy price.

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