People are made to be the Human Shield to Protect the CCP in China

In a live broadcast, Miles Guo exposes the military structure of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). 

There are international laws of war and rules for all military and facilities. War cannot harass the common people, and cannot attack facilities especially for women and children. Governments are not allowed to hide military facilities and the soldiers among women, children and the elderly. This includes people’s livelihood centers, which has nothing to do with war. 

Miles explained that the CCP’s military and communication centers are located under facilities such as City Centers. Government affairs centers are held under schools or hospitals. As well, these locations may hold many underground bunkers that are heavily built with the main purpose of protecting the leadership. 

It is also exposed that the CCP strategy is to use children to destroy Taiwan, and to destroy America. The children will be their shields; hence, all kindergartens are its cover facilities. As for the nursing homes for the elderly, they are also used to hide underground facilities. Hospitals are places to treat patients, but the CCP will use the hospitals and patients to fight against and destroy its enemies. Then there are the city centers, as the most prosperous places are military facilities. The CCP will use its population as protection, and to coerce its people to use them as weapons. Once war begins, all their people are expendable, but leaders cannot die, as leadership safety is considered first.

In the history of mankind, ‘evil’ is no longer a strong enough word for this regime. Any level of disrespect for life itself cannot compare to the inhumanity and values of the China Communist Party.

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